COMM2345: Exploring Asian Popular Culture

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COMM2345: Exploring Asian Popular Culture

The task aligns with the following course learning objectives:
• Identify issues and debates around how popular culture is constructed, marketed and
consumed in Asia.
• Describe and apply a range of theoretical and historical perspectives on Asian
popular culture.
• Discuss the local and global aspects of culture with reference to Asian social,
economic and political contexts.
• Illustrate and analyse the relationship of popular culture to the practice of the
everyday and ordinary within Asia.
• Identify, evaluate and critically analyse cultural, historical and theoretical practices
which contextualise your professional practice and further study.
On the next page is a detailed assessment sheet that will tell you how you are developing
towards achieving the course learning outcomes.
We will also offer the following feedback comments:
• What I think are the strengths of your work
• What I think you can most do to improve your work

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