COMM1085 Analytical Reading And Writing

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COMM1085 Analytical Reading and Writing

Your Task:

(1) Choose one of the topics listed below and formulate a clear and concise thesis statement.

(2) Complete the attached outline to help you organize your ideas.

(3) Write an analytical paper based on your outline that explores the issue in a useful and informative way.

(4) Integrate one external source that supports your position: you may choose to use the reading discussed in Week 4 OR you may seek out an alternate source.

Topics (choose ONE):

1.Look around you. The students in your program will not all have the exact same career after graduation. Most forms of training lead to a variety of potential career paths.  Classify different career paths in your field. What aspects make the careers in each path similar? What key things distinguish the different paths from each other?

2.Look inwards. You are a bundle of experiences, qualities, habits, gifts, opinions, attitudes, etc. Is there an interesting way to classify the things in this “bundle”?  You can create any classification system that appeals to you that helps you to analyze your qualities. Examples could include:

Advantageous, challenging, neutral

Physical, intellectual, social

Useful in the past, useful now, useful for the future

If you choose this topic, your external source may include a definition, anecdote, or relevant quotation by someone famous.

A subject of your choice (with your professor’s approval)

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