COMM AS401 Introduction to applied research

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COMM AS401 Introduction to applied research

For this assignment you are going to observe social behaviour in a social setting over a period of three hours. A lot of effort goes into completing a research project, so the behaviour you choose to observe and where you go is the most important consideration.


In this section you will describe how and why you came to choose this type of behaviour to observe and also where you are going to observe it.


It is a good idea to make reference to the article you summarized above or any other reference material you used to help you set up the observation. Make sure you cite your sources.

1. Start by explaining the advantages of a non-participant observation

2. What social theory are you using?

3. Give a general statement describing what behaviour you are going to observe.

4. Explain WHY you have chosen this behaviour to observe.

5. Describe who you think you will be observing.

6. Describe where you are going to carry out the observation.  

7. How do you think you might recognize the behaviour you are looking for? What will you expect to see? How will you recognize front stage and back stage behaviour?

8. Describe how you are going to carry out the observation. How do you intend to carry out the observation? Will you need a gatekeeper? Permission? Where do you plan to sit? How will you remain anonymous? How will you remain unbiased?

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