Comm 292 Organisational Behaviour And Management

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comm 292 Organisational Behaviour and Management

It was important to Ian that customer service improve and that any unethical behaviour be curbed. He determined that he would bring in a team of Organizational Behaviour consultants to help him
address his key concerns:
1. Are sub-cultures at Quest Networks undermining the dominant culture of service and employee care and support that had brought them to be successful in the market for the past fifty years. If so, what can we do to change this situation?

2. Are employees motivated to do the right thing? What are the motivators and how are they affecting company ethical standards?

3. Are sales tactics encouraging employees to ignore company values and related policies or business laws at Quest Networks? How can this be changed?

4. How can teamwork improvement help drive sales?

5. What training would support positive employee and organizational change?

6. What would meaningful performance plans that can drive sales but also employee motivation, look like?

7. What would an effective leadership action plan to achieve better service and organizational results, look like?

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