Cmns1810 Professional And Academic Composition

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Cmns1810 Professional and Academic Composition

1. Choose a niche you are interested in.
2. Choose one of the three major groups that can be affected by tourism issues: the tourists, the host community(s), the tourism industry (guides, actual industry as a whole, etc.).
3. Start examining how your niche affects your chosen group, and then come up with a research question that will allow you to explore ONE MAJOR issue within this topic. (Ex: you will not talk about ALL adventure
tourism and how it affects ALL environments. But you may decide to explore: How has mountain climbing at Everest become an environmental concern?)
Note: if you don’t find a lot of research, look at the other groups. If you found too rare a niche, change it immediately!
4. Go and research!! ANSWER your question! Gather information that will prove the points you want to make.
5. Write a clear thesis statement (the answer of your research question, and the specific and clear topic of your paper).
6. Write!
7. a) Ensure you have a clear thesis statement, and introduction.
b) Ensure you have well-organized points, that stick to your thesis.
c) Ensure EVERYTHING is backed up clearly with APA format in-text citations
d) Ensure you have a clear conclusion, with no new information, and that wraps up the paper.
e) Ensure you have a well formatted, correct APA reference page on a separate page

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