CHCPRP003 Reflect On And Improve Own Professional Practice

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CHCPRP003 Reflect on and Improve Own Professional Practice


Assessment Task – Knowledge Questions

1 – Identify 4 areas and/or documents/procedures that you need to be aware of to ensure you are working within a legal and ethical framework:

2 – Identify the elements that are included in each of the following Models for professional reflection:

Borton’s model of reflection:

Gibbs model of reflection:

Smyth’s Model of reflection:

3 – What are 4 different ways you could participate in professional development:

4 – explain in approximately 1 paragraph of your own words how participating in professional networks and associations can help to improve your work practices?

5 – Explain in approximately 1 paragraph of your own words how reflective practice can assist you in your work performance:

6 – What are at least 4 things you need consider when putting together a personal development plan?

7 – How do you ensure you set effective goals?

8 – How can you monitor the progress of your goals?

9 – List at least four different types of learning styles and describe in approximately 1 paragraph, which of these you relate to and how this style(s) help you learn

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