CCMN 313 – Organizational Report Writing

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CCMN 313 – Organizational Report Writing

Analyse the problem and establish the purpose of the report.
Anticipate audience reactions and potential issues arising from the report.
Prepare a work plan that outlines a schedule for key achievements and milestones.
Research the subject. Please note that research begins after the preparatory work has been
done. Often, report writers will begin research before the problem has been clearly defined and
the necessary agreements secured from project sponsors. This is often referred to as a
“solution in search of a problem”.
Organize, analyse, interpret and illustrate the material. It is a very good idea to think about what
you are going to write before you actually begin writing. It is much easier to write your reportHow have you defined the scope of evaluation or analysis for your topic? Have you thought about what assumptions about scope your readers are likely to make?
Prepare a proposal that lays out your planned report. Your proposal should be three to five pages in lengt

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