BUSN9229 Sustainability and Ethics in Management

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BUSN9229 Sustainability and Ethics in Management

We have chose my sustainability report based on Panasonic. We will attached the Panasonic sustainability report, marking rubric for this assignment. For referencing, please use Harvard style (both In-text referencing and include references list). Use page numbering. Format- size 12 Time News Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. The references must be in Alphabetical order. Please add relevant photo or pictures or graphics. One can see the sample sustainability report that I have attached. The structure of the report:

1. Abstract

2. Introduction to your firm.

3. Outline stakeholders of your firm (provide the list of the names of actual stakeholders of the company). Give an example of marginalized, overlooked, underestimated stakeholders of this firm.

4. Does the company refer to the Triple bottom line/MSDG goals/UN Sustainability Development Goals/Global compact and what goals are mostly focussed on? You have to provide what actions they have done in terms of achieving these goals (the facts and figures) (at least 500 words).

5. Analyse the extent of sustainability of the company regarding social and environmental issues addressed by the firm using the GRI index. Compile a Table of GRI, compare their GRI to others in the industry.

6. Perform the SWOT Analysis and build a TOWS Matrix based on the core competencies of the firm.

7. Recommendations for better sustainable efforts.

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