BUSM1139 Human Resource Development

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BUSM1139 Human Resource Development

Assessment Overview:  

Each group will pick a topic area and develop an employee training program. The topic area can be anything relevant to for organisations to provide training to employees. Some example topic areas for consideration are: effective communication; developing teamwork; stress management; among others (You are also welcome to pick topic areas that you have learnt in our HRD course or other HRM courses). Please note, you also need to pick the organisation for which your training is designed – it can be a real organisation (e.g. Google, Apple, IBM etc.) or it can be a fictional organisation. In either case, you will need to justify why this training is needed for this organisation (i.e. a Training Needs Analysis is required). Please feel free to choose the topic area and organisation that your group feel most comfortable with and you are welcome to discuss it with your local lecturer.

A timeslot will be given to each team for presentation and due to limited time in class we will enforce strict adherence to the time. We will provide more information on how much time each team is given after the semester starts, as we will need to work around the enrolment number to identify total number of teams.

Each team member must present.


Assessment Guideline:  

To develop the program, you will need to:

1. Carry out a training needs analysis

2. Derive a set of key learning objectives

3. Develop a plan of instruction

4. Develop materials for training

5. Demonstrate knowledge of adult learning principles and individual differences in learning

6. Identify and adopt appropriate methods and techniques for training

7. Demonstrate considerations of training evaluations  

8. Incorporate other relevant training design components as discussed in class

An illustrative framework of the HRD process is shown below and more details will be discussed during class. Please use this or similar frameworks in designing your training session.

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