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Details of Task: An essay answering the following question:
● Evaluate a particular case of public policy and explain why it could be considered as either
a success or failure. Identify the factors which contributed to the success or failure of the
policy and explain their significance.
Learning objectives assessed:
1. Define a range of models and theories that help explain how
public policy is made.
2. Analyse the role of government institutions and processes in policy making.
3. Analyse how governments engage with stakeholders in public policy processes.
Assignments are to be fully referenced using the author-date APA system. All words
taken from any source (including other students) must be in quotation marks and the source
including page number(s) cited in the text and listed in the References. All ideas and information
that you have used from any writer or online source must have the source cited in the text and
listed in the references. There should not be any reference listed that is not cited as a source in the
main text.

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