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Business Marketing Organisation

As the Marketing Manager for an existing Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) or for an existing hospitality enterprise of your choice, write a promotional campaign report addressed to the management team for approval of a conceptual idea and expenditure, with the following sections:

A relatively brief overview of your selected DMO or hospitality enterprise, presenting its main attributes such as size, turnover, visitation numbers, occupancy rates and similar data that contextualises the report.

Determine a suitable promotional campaign strategy for your chosen DMO or enterprise; provide a clear rationale based on academic sources for this choice of strategy. Preferably focus on one element of the promotion mix, and only briefly describe links to other potential elements of the promotion mix your campaign would be a part of.

Establish target market(s) for the specific promotional campaign you are developing; include rationale based on detailed market research, and academic literature for their selection.
Depending on where your DMO/enterprise is situated in its business cycle, determine the communication objective(s) of your promotional campaign.

Substantiate your claims with reliable data or arguments to prove this point.

Identify the competition – what regions’ enterprises are predominantly compting for the same/similar target markets – back up this data with research and statistical data.
Outline what types of communication channels you suggest should be used for this campaign and the duration of your campaign. Be specific – give detailed examples so that your readers can grasp how this promotional campaign will be communicated.

Explain, with detailed rationale, how the results of the campaign will be measured. Establish suitable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be tracked and used to prove the success of your promotional campaign.

Provide a brief, but realistic, budget for your promotional campaign. This requires you to do some external research to find out costs, for example, for printing posters and fliers, or how much advertisements cost in print, online or visual media sources – depending on the campaign you develop.

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