BUS600 Foundational Skills For Academic Research

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BUS600 Foundational Skills for Academic Research



Learning Outcomes
a) Analyse and reflect critically on a range of materials and sources presented in written, spoken, visual and numerical format.
b) Describe and discuss the key features, constituent process and constraints of academic research.
c) Communicate ideas and concepts in language and structure appropriate to an academic research context.
d) Articulate and express ideas and information in academic format as specified by the Excelsia College minimum academic standards, including appropriate use of the APA referencing style.
e) Understand the personal, intellectual and practical requirements for successful research at a postgraduate level
Assessment Task:

Each group will choose a journal article and review it. Students will be expected to locate the work in a theoretical context and to discuss the work with both depth and clarity. The emphasis in the essay is on the quality of students writing and their ability to sustain an insightful and coherent review.

Based on the review report, each group is supposed to prepare a minimum of 10 slides and make a 15-20 minutes presentation (in class).

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