BUS100 Professional Communication

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BUS100 Professional Communication

depth. It requires students to find relevant sources of information that will enable them to write a
comparative analysis from an informed point of view. This will help students to develop writing and
information literacy skills.
The assessment will require students to identify 2 or 3 main points of interest about the Trimester Topic.
Students should find a minimum of 2 sources per group member (4 for a group of 2, 6 for a group of 3, 8
for a group of 4), at least some of which must be peer reviewed articles, relating to the points they have
identified about the Trimester Topic.
Using their sources which may agree and/or disagree with those points, students should compare and
contrast what the different sources say about the points and draw conclusions. A brief evaluation of the
sources should be included in the discussion.
Using the annotated bibliography from Assessment 2 may be a good place to start finding the additional
sources. However, this assessment is to be developed into a short report – NOT another Annotated
Bibliography – you need to present arguments and use evidence supported analysis to arrive at
conclusions / recommendations as appropriate.
It is important to note that the purpose of this assignment is to review what different authors say about the
topic/points of interest. More detail about the assessment will be provided in class and via Moodle.

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