BUMN105H5 Sport Marketing

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BUMN105H5 Sport Marketing


1.Student ID Number

Please complete page 1 of this document with your student ID number not your name. This ensures anonymity in the marking process.  Please read all the following instructions carefully before starting the assessment.

2.Assessment Format

This is an open book assessment which can be submitted at any time within the permitted 48 hours assessment window. The examiners will be expecting answers similar to those produced under examination conditions, not long essays.  Full references and bibliographies are not therefore expected, unless specified in the assessment instructions. Please use in-text citations to indicate source material where appropriate.

3.Word Limit

The word limit is 800 words per question.

4.Assessment Window


The deadline for submission of this assessment is 10:00 AM time on Wednesday 8 July 2020.

Assessment Questions

Assessment Instructions:

·Answer 3 questions only

·The total number of questions is 5

·All questions carry equal marks

·Cross through/delete any material you do not wish to be considered

·No credit will be given for additional questions attempted

You should not use Studiosity or contact the learning development tutors for the completion of this assessment.


Question 1) You work for a popular professional cricket club and you have just received planning permission to develop a new stadium at a venue the other side of your home town. Describe the steps you would take to identify, prioritise and manage stakeholders during the process of building, moving to and operating in your new home ground.  How would you measure the success of your stakeholder management project?

Question 2) Compare the different assets likely to be exploited in a sponsorship arrangement with two of the following four types of rights-holder: an individual athlete, a sports team, a mass participation event and a stadium. Explain the pros and cons of each. Please approach this from both a B2C and B2B point of view. Give examples that you think are appropriate to illustrate your points.

Question 3) You manage a local independent gym in a small town which offers a multi-station fitness suite as well as fitness classes in two pleasant and airy studios. You are busy during peak times (7am – 11am and 4pm to 8pm on week days; Most of Saturday and 9am-1pm on Sunday) but you need to find new customers for the slack periods

a)Using relevant segmentation criteria describe one potential target group that is a realistic answer to your problem.

b)Describe a marketing strategy using the 4Ps that would attract this new customer group to your facility.

Question 4) Describe and compare the pricing methods that may be employed by a sports footwear and clothing brand, a leisure centre and a professional elite football club

Question 5) Social media has been said to “broaden, deepen and lengthen” engagement between sports brands and their customers. Citing examples, explain how organisations have used social media to achieve this enhanced engagement and how this activity combines with more traditional media and other digital forms to help to achieve their marketing objectives.

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