BSBWOR203 Working Effectively With Others

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BSBWOR203 Working Effectively with Others


Complete the following activities:

1. Prepare for the meeting with the new Customer Service Officer:

Review the documents provided to you:

Position Description

Customer Complaints Policy and Procedures5

Complaints Register

Complaint Acknowledgement Letter

Complaint Outcome Letter

Make notes about the documents if necessary, to guide your discussion with the customer service officer.

Assume that the new customer service officer will be from a different cultural background to you. Choose any culture for the new customer service officer and research differences in communication styles between that culture and language background, and your own.

Answer the following questions using the Case Study Responses Template:

Q1: Briefly explain why the issue identified in the scenario is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Q2: In around a paragraph, describe what good stress is and what bad stress is.

Q3: Who should the stressed customer service officer speak to?

Q4: In around a paragraph, describe what the stressed customer service could ask for in terms of changes that would address their situation.

Q5: Who, outside the organisation, could the stressed customer service officer ask to assist them with this issue should the staff member not be satisfied with their employer’s response?

Q6: Describe at least five steps that the new customer service officer could take to assist in dealing with workplace stress.

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