BSBMKG418 Develop And Apply Knowledge Of Marketing Communication Industry

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BSBMKG418 Develop And Apply Knowledge Of Marketing Communication Industry


1. Develop your ideas for new integrated marketing communication strategies.

Review the Success College Australia’s marketing plan provided by your assessor.

Research the current issues facing the marketing communications industry and possible solutions.

Identify at least three common problems in the industry that may also apply to the College.

2. Prepare a report to present to the CEO (your assessor) that addresses the following information: 

A brief introduction to the College (WALL STREET COLLEGE) and an overview of the business and marketing plan. This should be covered in approximately two-three paragraphs.

An overview of each issue identified and the proposed strategy to address it. Your strategies must align to the information provided about the marketing plan, the business and operational plans. ?

A stakeholder analysis. Identify all of the stakeholders in the strategies you are proposing and analyse the importance and influence of each.

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