BSBMGT502B Manage People Performance

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BSBMGT502B Manage People Performance


For this assessment you will have to develop a work plan for the operation below using the template provided.

You will be required to discuss the work plan with one of the team leaders of your security team and develop and agree performance indicators prior to commencement of work. You will be required to allocate work in a way that is efficient, cost effective and outcome focused. You will also be required to confirm performance standards, Code of Conduct, and work outputs relevant to overall objectives.


You are head of security at the Sydney Opera House. Over the next four weeks you will have a visit by four different high-profile VIPs for one day every week and are required to ensure security is maintained throughout the visits. You will need to ensure safe access to the building and ensure safety in public areas with roped off areas for general public. It is likely you will have high numbers of general public wanting to see the VIPs and the VIPs also have been designated as a possible target for terrorist attack given the location. The VIPs will have their own security detail; however, your team is responsible for the general security of the facility. You have a team of 20 with four team leaders for each group of five officers. There will be other security at the facility, however, your team will be the frontline security on these days.

There are a number of things to consider prior to the meeting and you are required to review these and be prepared for the meeting to confirm all the details with the team leader to finalize the work plan.

When you are ready for this meeting you can ‘message your trainer’ to arrange a suitable time to conduct the meeting. You should submit your work plan in the allocated submission area prior to the meeting so the trainer can work with you on the content during the meeting.

The work plan will ensure that all members perform according to appropriate key performance indicators and operational requirements

The work plan must cover the following:

 1. Develop three separate overall work objectives

 2. Allocate at least four work activities for each objective, make use of the resources provided on this page to assist with these

3. Develop at least one key performance indicator (KPI) for each work activity that are efficient, cost-effective and outcome focussed

 4. Identify who each activity is allocated to for completion

 5. Identify any resources required to conduct the activity and/or overall objective, consider how and when these will be sourced and identify any associated cost

6. Include relevant Code of Conduct requirements and performance standards that demonstrate, for example any legislative or regulatory requirements that require strict adherence, behaviours that are expected, what results would be considered satisfactory, what condition will exist if duty is well performed

 7. Conduct a risk analysis for the overall objective to determine the likelihood of a negative event preventing the organisation meeting its objectives and the likely consequences of such an event on organisational performance

 8. Consult with your trainer to finalise your work plan ensuring work activities are efficient, cost effective and outcome focussed and meet with the needs of the operational plan

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