BSBHRM512 Develop And Manage Performance Management Processes

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BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes

Assessment Instructions: 
Complete all tasks detailed in the following pages
Fill in this assessment cover sheet and submit with your completed assessment task
Sign the declaration
Submit the completed task within the outlined timeframe
Number of words/pages
Presentation required i.e. ppt/pressi/hardcopy
Any time specifications

 Assessment Criteria:

Analyse organisational strategic and operational plans to identify relevant policies and objectives to be reflected in integrated performance-management processes
Develop objectives for performance-management processes to support organisational strategy and goals and to build organisational capability
Design methods and processes for line managers to develop key performance indicators for those reporting to them
Develop organisational timeframes and processes for formal performance-management sessions
Ensure performance-management processes developed are flexible enough to cover the range of employment situations in the organisation
Consult with key stakeholders about the processes and agree on process featur
Gain support for the implementation of the performance-management processes

 Watch the video answer the questions below.

What changes have recently occurred in the workplace at Callaghan Collision Centre?

What are the benefits to employees of the new performance management system?

Apart from productivity what are the other benefits has Callaghan Collision Centre witnessed?

To ensure HR practices (such as performance management practices) enable the organisation to respond effectively to new challenges, you will need to analyse plans, develop performance management processes and promote the benefits of continuously finding better ways to work in order to help your workplace become an effective ‘learning organisation’.

What performance management system components will be required to support your suggested processes?

How will your suggested processes contribute to the ideal of promoting a learning organisation?

Watch the video answer the questions below.

Learning activity ensure flexible processes 
Enhancing performance through employee engagement
How can employees at CPX Printing and Logistics communicate their improvement ideas?  
What is the main weakness of this system?
What does Robert Emms from the Australian Institute of Management say is required to measure the gap between current performance and the target set?
What advice does Robert Emms give James Bennett about how to make his performance management system work and how to engage all the employees in the system?

Learning activity: Managing underperformance

Review the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Best Practice Guide: Managing underperformance available at.
What is underperformance?
What are the causes of underperformance?
How do you manage underperformance?
What can be done if managers lack skills to manage underperformance?

Skills Practice Instructions

Using the skills learned in class, students will participate in a short appraisal role play. Students will be placed into groups of three, given a scenario and have one week plus  class time to prepare.  Students will be assessed on interviewing skills and demonstration of an understanding of the appraisal process.  One student will act as a manager and one as an employee. The third students will then describe to the group, at the end of the role play areas of success and areas of improvement. Form groups of three

Read scenario.
Write a checklist of documents that ‘Chris’ should collect prior to the performance management interview with ‘Jo’.
Possible causes of ‘Jo’s’ poor performance
Options for dealing with Jo’s poor performance
Possible reactions from ‘Jo’ to the interview e.g. anger, disbelief
Steps to deal with ‘Jo’s’ alternative responses
Ways of motivating “Jo’ to improve which are appropriate to the scenario
Write an agenda for ‘Chris’ to use at the performance management interview / role play with Jo.
Draft a warning letter which you may or may not hand over to ‘Jo’ at the conclusion of the interview
Practice running the interview with one student as ‘Chris’ and another as ‘Jo’.
Run role play. Note:on this day the students playing ‘Jo’ will be given some additional information which they cannot reveal to the rest of the group until the role play begins.

Case Study: Revving up Jo

As Chris got ready for work, they thought about how to handle the performance improvement interview they had scheduled for first thing this morning with Jo, their 2IC. Chris had appointed Jo as Fitness Instructor Programmer for the Bounce Fitness about eight months ago, knowing that they would have a lot of on-the-job training to do. They was convinced they had done this well because, until recently, Jo had been doing a good job, gradually doing better and better, as one would expect.

Lately, however, Jo seemed to have lost some of their enthusiasm. For example, Jo was no longer at their desk, ‘ready to roll’, 10 or 15 minutes before starting time, although could they, in all fairness, bring that up? No, it was more than that. The all-important weekly sales activity summary for the gym been late twice in the last six weeks and there had been two serious errors in the last week’s report. Jo had let several key tasks slide over the last six weeks, too, notably the forward-planning schedules, which were now behind by three weeks.

Worst of all, one of the employees who reported to Jo came to Chris earlier in the week to complain that Jo wasn’t assigning work to the team, so they had time to complete it properly by the deadlines. Jo seemed to be leaving things to the last minute and, when they pointed this out, Jo told the employee to spend less time complaining and more time working. She had been quite offended by Jo’s attitude and wanted to register a formal grievance.

Chris reflected on Jo’s performance and decided to get to work early and make a list of the points they wanted to discuss with Jo. Chris knew Jo realised the importance of all these tasks and could do them adequately, so why had Jo’s performance slipped? Chris also knew that Jo normally had a good ‘way with people’ and so Chris was surprised by the complaint of one of the team members.  Chris should get to the bottom of this before things got any worse.  Chris just hoped they hadn’t left it too late.

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