BSBADV602 Develop An Advertising Campaign

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BSBADV602 Develop an advertising campaign


1. Add the following sections to the campaign brief you began for Assessment Task 1:

a. A section titled ‘Target Audience’, which will outline the target audience for this campaign, based on the original brief provided to you in Assessment Task 1.

b. A section titled ‘Promise’, which will outline the promise that was identified in the original brief and explain how it will be used in the campaign.

c. A section titled ‘Message’, which will outline the overall message to be conveyed to the target audience throughout the campaign.

d. A section titled ‘Resources’, which will identify and explain the following resources required, along with indicative costing for each.

i. Research resources –identify which research resources are required to understand market perceptions, brand awareness and reputation, consumer attitudes, etc. Include any focus groups, interviews or questionnaires as required.

ii. Creative resources –identify which creative resources are required, including artists or other creative service providers.

iii. Production resources –identify the production resources which will be required for this campaign, including photographers, editors, copyrighters, advertising (digital, print and TV), etc.

e. A section titled ‘Budget’, which will:

i. Provide an explanation of the expenditure on each component of the campaign against the budget provided by the client

ii. Outline each of the resources required and allocate a percentage of the total budget for each resource

iii. Include a graphical representation of the overall budget for the campaign, versus the budget allocated in the original brief

iv. Provide reasoning as to why the total amount of money for the campaign is required.

Note: You may not be able to access costing for all resources, where the supplier doesn’t make pricing freely available. In this instance the learner can select a preferred supplier and allocate an indicative cost to that resource.

f. Any additions to the references section

2. Once all the resources costing have been completed, prepare a short presentation to ‘the client’. As with the first assessment, this must be presented to your assessor, or to another person with your assessor present, or a recording taken of the presentation.

This presentation will:

a. outline the requirements of the campaign, the resources required and the costs in relation to the budget allowed

b. explain why the resources required were selected and how they will benefit the campaign

c. explain how the budget will fulfil the requirements of the brief and what the benefits are

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