BSB61015 Advance Diploma of Management

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BSB61015 Advance Diploma of Management


Q1.What is a WHS Management System (WHSMS)?What are its elements?

Q2.What section of the WHS Act2004 deals With general WHS duties on employers,the self-employed,employees,designers,manufacturers,suppliers and others?what does the code require a person to do?

Q3.Describe duties of employers to employees and contractors under the new WHS Act2010.

Q4.What does PPI stand For?Describe their use in assessment of WHS Performance.

Q5.Describe the Difference between Common Law And Statutory law?

Q6.What are Professional Ethics?Describe the code of Practice under which WHS code of Ethics is cove rd?

Q7.Briefly decribe the concepts of causation,foreseeabillity ,Perventabillity.

Q8.Describe key Characteristic of an effective meeting.

Q9.What is a Perfessional liability?

Q10.Explain how organizational culture an behaviour impact upon WHS and WHS processes.

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