BMSP5007 Business Inquiry And Research

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BMSP5007 Business Inquiry And Research


Academic honesty is required. In the main body of your submission you must give credit to authors on whose research and ideas your work is based. Append to your submission a reference list that indicates the books, articles, etc. that you have used, cited or quoted in order to complete this assessment.

Provides a persuasive and convincing research rationale and aims and objectives and, identifies the context, boundaries and any ethical and resource considerations of the research.

·State you chosen topic title of the proposed research

·Expands on the title by providing the context of the research boundaries (what and where)

·Provide a justification for your topic choice based on a small review of previous research in the topic area.

·Defines the concepts and theory (theories) that will inform your research

·States the aims and objectives of the research, and/or

·States the primary research question(s)

Methodological approach:

Identifies the research approach and evaluates and justifies the choice of research methods used for data collection and analysis and provides brief insight into the process of ethically securing the research..

·Justifies the research approach you will use to fulfil the research objectives/questions

·Identify the research methods that you will use to gather the data (e.g. interviews / questionnaire etc.)

·Justified the chosen research methods; its advantages and disadvantages

·Explains the process involved in carrying out the research

·Explains the process by which the research is ethically secured

Planned Data Analysis and Presentation:

Evaluates the methods of analysis of data and how the data will be presented

·Explains the data analysis process

·Provides clear indication of how the results will be presented

·Explains how the results might help answer the research objectives/questions

·Provides some insight into how the findings might help interrogate the key concepts/theories from the literature

Research Planning and Ethics:

Identifies how the research is to be managed in terms of budget, resources and time management

Identifies the resources needed

Identified the stages for the entire research plan

Produce a time plan for the research

Identifies any budget considerations

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