BMRK434 Effective Selling And Sales Management

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BMRK434 Effective Selling and Sales Management

Instruction: There are 7 set of questions for 100 points. Please submit the exam through Turnitin before 5:30pm as there will be no extra time for submission. The Turnitin similarity level should not exceed 20%. Good luck!

1) Identify and explain the different types of career opportunities in the business goods channel.

2) List and describe the five strategic steps of the Strategic Consultative Selling Model with examples.

3) Explain why salespeople should have high ethical standards.

4) Research indicates that nonverbal messages convey much more impact than verbal messages. Explain with examples.

5) Explain how empathy and ego drive reinforce each other in personal selling with examples.

6) Explain and describe the difference between transactional selling and consultative selling with examples.

7) Explain why the self-concept is important in sales management. How it can be achieved? List and describe each approach with examples.

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