BMA611 Market Research And Decision Making

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BMA611 Market Research and Decision Making




The aim of this assessment is to design a market research study for a research problem. You are able to use a market research problem posed.
Possible research problems that can be used include the following cases from the Hair et al (2014) textbook.
Case study: The Arts & Craft Grill
You are to develop research objectives, and research questions of your choice, as a platform for a study. You should identify, design and discuss the following aspects of the study:

The research objectives/outcomes and provide a brief background that explains their merits (e.g.,theoretical contribution and/or practical value)

The research questions to be tested and provide a rationale for each
The method(s) of data collection and the sample and provide a rationale for each
The ethical issues that may be encountered

A suggested structure (based on the textbook) is as follows:

Purpose of the proposed research project:

What is the background to the company (as relevant)/product/service/etc?
What is the decision problem faced?
What are the research objectives/outcomes/contributions?
What are the research questions to be tested and their rationale?
Is there a proposed timeframe?

Type of study

What is the research design?
What are the data requirements and why?

Target population and sample size

Define the target population
What is the proposed sample size and why?

Sampling technique and method(s) of data collection

What is the sampling frame and sampling technique and justification?
What is/are the data collection method(s) and their justification?
What are the specific research instruments?
Evidence of a consideration of possible costs

Benefits of the proposed research

What is the expected value of the research information for the client?
Are there any theoretical benefits?
How might the results be presented?
What are the limitations of the proposed research?

Ethical issues

Are there any anticipated ethical issues and how might these be resolved?


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