BIPX202 Community Engagement: Building Strengths and Capabilities

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BIPX202 Community Engagement: Building Strengths and Capabilities


Need to write a report on reflective on my placement. I had done my placement in Lynden Aged Care. it was 35 hours placement.


The purpose of this assessment is for students to reflect and build an EPortfolio/Learning Journal based upon their community engagement placement and present their real-world learnings in a Learning Journal using ACU EPortfolio

E portfolio in a narrative document or Max 10 portfolio pages on placement. You can use images, flyers, photos, diary notes and reflection from your journey to support this assessment. Use images, diagrams and diary entries to support your work.

Students will reflect on the following topics and include these in their Eportfolio :

The audience: the community of people that they helped to serve during the placement

The purpose: the common good served , the kinds of disadvantage observed, and/or the client needs addressed during the placement The alignment of practice with theory- consider the community engagement theory, consider you research in assessment 2, is this what you saw in practice?

Recommendations for improving community engagement in the Placement Organization for improving your performance in the community engagement placement for improving ways to engage volunteers into your community placement and into community placement in general. Reflection on your own values, assumptions and attitudes and the skills developed through the placement

This assessment task must include a copy of satisfactory completion of the placement, as per the terms of the Placement Agreement and student evaluation found on LEO. Student Attendance Record and Student Performance Evaluation These forms must be completed by the supervisor at the Placement Organisation at the end of your placement

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