BG009 Strategic Decision Making

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BG009 Strategic Decision Making


To demostrate an understanding of the contribution of organisation functions to successful business stategy, along with the role of good corporate governance to the internal strategy of an organisation.  

Learning Outcomes: 

This assessment relates to the following learning outcomes: 

1. Explain the importance of business or organisational functions and their contribution to a successful business strategy 

2. Outline the importance of good corporate governance and broad ethical issues as they relate to internal strategy, decision making and operational management    

3. Explain the relationship between strategic decision making and entrepreneurship 

Assessment Overview

Carefully read the case study below. Drawing on your learning and relevant research through academic sources, answer the assessment questions.  

Question 1:

a.Explain BNZ’s organisational functions.  

•What is the significance of these functions in BNZ’s business strategy?  

•Support your response with evidence from the case study and research from academic sources. 

b.The case study indicates that BNZ is working towards empowering women and other ‘underrepresented’ customers through a range of informative programmes. 

•Compare BNZ’s strategic actions to one other organisation offering similar services. 

•Evaluate and justify how BNZ’s efforts to empower women and other ‘underrepresented’ customer contribute to its successful business strategy. 

c.Critically analyse BNZ’s strategic actions in terms of functional strategies such as marketing, operational and financial.  

•How do BNZ’s strategic actions contribute to its competitive advantage?     

Question 2

a.What is BNZ’s approach to corporate governance, including ethical issues, in relation to their internal strategies, decision making and operational management?  

•Justify your response with evidence from the case study and wider research from reliable academic sources. 

b.A BNZ Workplace Diversity Study reveals that women are under-represented on the Board Directors of major New Zealand Banks, including BNZ.  

•Is this an ethical issue in corporate governance and what suggestions would your make to change this situation?  

Question 3: 

Strategic entrepreneurship combines advantage seeking strategic activities with opportunity seeking entrepreneurial activities.   

•What are the similarities and differences between strategic decision making and entrepreneurship?  

•Support your explanations with examples from BNZ and at least two other organisations.

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