BBDM3193 Strategy Planning And Management

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BBDM3193 Strategy planning and management



The chosen company is Trivago. You are required to answer all the questions below as guidelines in the discussion of your group report: 1. Introduction: – background and history of the company – company’s vision and mission. 2. Analysis of the past three (3) years of the company’s performance. You need to compare the performance of the company for the last three years, whether there is an increase or decline in their performance. The information required for the analysis can be any information from the list below: – sales and revenue OR – profit and loss of the company OR – sales in units 3. Analysis of the company internationalisation process as below: – Identify the countries that the company is currently operating in ( if the company is currently operating in more than one country, you can discuss between 2 to 3 countries) – Analyse the entry mode used to enter the international market/country (example: franchising, exporting, licensing etc) – Analyse the global strategies adopted by the company (example: localisation strategy, transnational strategy etc.)

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