BADM 204 Introduction To Strategic Management

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BADM 204 Introduction to Strategic Management



Write a 1-page review with your thoughts and opinions on “How Lululemon Broke the Mold” with respect to corporate strategy.  Comment on the company’s business model and value chain.  How has Lululemon created competitive advantage?  What other points or issues affect the Lululemon strategy or Chip’s thoughts on international expansion, family businesses and Board of Director dynamics?  
There are no right or wrong answers, but you will need to support your positions with reasons, facts and critical thinking.    The podcast should have everything you need to complete your paper.  You might also add your own Lululemon experience if it is relevant to the company strategy.
If you reference any facts outside of the podcast, I expect all points to be referenced in APA.  Of course you will need to reference all facts from the Podcast in APA.

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