BA5FE57E Research Methods

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BA5FE57E Research Methods


This module aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills that are required to undertake independent business research on a topic/project that you have chosen, where you determine the methodology and approach. In so doing you will take significant strides on the path to becoming an independent learner, and feel able to undertake other research tasks, with minimal supervision. You will also discuss and evaluate a range of business research projects and case studies.

We will use Blackboard to support you in the module. Documents are loaded throughout the module to support group study and learning styles.

Appointments can be made at mutually convenient times. Please e-mail for an appointment outside of normal class times.

Key Topics:

• Introduction to research methods

• Commonly used technologies in business research

• Identifying literature Review and Research problem area related to Business research.

• Use of Primary and Secondary in Business research

• Elements of Research Design

• Qualitative and Quantitative Approach in Business Research Field

• Measurement of Variables: operational definition and scales

• Data collection methods and Business research ethics

• Business Research Case Studies

• Data Analysis and Interpretation

• Managerial Decision making and Research1.2Learning outcomes to be assessed

You are required to formulate a research topic in the area of Business suitable for investigation. In your presentation you need to identify you’re:

1)Research title

2)Research rationale

3)Research Background/Literature  

4)Research question(s) /Aim/Objectives


• LO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business research to assess information needs and provide organizations with relevant, accurate, reliable, valid, and current information to aid management decision-making.

• LO2 Identify relevant business issues facing within organisations and, demonstrate an awareness and understanding of major research paradigms and methodologies

• LO3 Critically evaluate different business research strategies and approaches.

• LO4 Recognise and articulate the value of ethical procedures, and appropriately incorporate ethical consideration when conducting research in business.

How to Submit Assessments:

All Assessments MUST be submitted through Turnitin. There are NO HARD COPY submissions. You will find a link to the Turnitin. Assignment from the Assessments area of the Blackboard course menu.

There is a separate practice Turnitin assignment set up in this area to allow you to submit and resubmit draft work. Turnitin generates an Originality Report, and you are encouraged to make use of this facility as a support tool to help you ensure the source material in your assignment is correctly referenced before final submission.

Once you are ready to submit the final version of your work for assessment – and only then – you should submit it to the Summative assignment inbox. This final version will be marked by your tutor. Once you have submitted to this inbox, no further resubmissions are possible.

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