ASB4530 :Global Brand Management

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ASB4530 :Global Brand Management


You  have to design a Brand Marketing Program in order to Build Brand Equity for the 2-year period (2020-2022) for a Pharmaceutical company from anywhere in the world (your choice but the company name has to start with the same letter of you surname) in light of the Coronavirus challenges of your choice. There is clearly an expectation that the theory and models discussed in the first seven chapters of the book (Strategic Brand Management,  4th edition, K. L. Keller) will be used in your report. You may also use information/evidence from the Internet, the academic articles we have discussed in the class and any other you feel like reading.

A Business report starts with a good executive summary, then main body should not contain any technical jargon, with at least one main graph where your story and narrative build around. The text should flow and all technical reports should be kept in the appendix. It should be well formatted and with a nice cover like a Business Week or an Economist article.

Some further guidance:

·The main body should be 1500 words (+/-10%).

·The executive summary should be preferably about 10-15 lines.

·The majority of references could be coming from the Internet and the press, blogs, etc and just a few from academic articles.

·References are not included in the word count.

·You have to submit only an electronic pdf copy in Blackboard.

Marking Scheme:

·80% of the assignment mark will be based on the actual content (with a categorical mark given for it: standard A, B, C, D, E, F Bangor classification).

·10% for the sources retrieved and used.

·10% for the format of the report.

These three partial marks will be combined into an overall categorical mark for the report.

Professor Konstantinos (Kostas) Nikolopoulos

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