ASB4115 Management Research

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ASB4115 Management Research


You are a Research Consultant working for a University. Your Manager has asked you to draw up a proposal for research for a future study. The title/ research question of the study is: How has the 2020 corona virus outbreak affected [some aspect of] business/ management practice?

You can adapt the question to focus on any aspect of business/ management that suitably fits  your postgraduate degree programme (i.e. marketing, sales, SME, HRM, strategy, business  operations and so on,.)

You are required to do the following – Write a proposal for research:

· Include your adapted title/ question (from above)

· Provide a set of feasible aims (at least two) and a set of SMART objectives for the proposed research

· Provide a brief background to the research question and discuss the context (e.g. UK? Europe? China?)

· Identify the relevant academic field, and the key topic within the field

· Introduce the field, key definitions and key theory through a short literature review

· Propose an appropriate research methodology including; research strategy (e.g. case study, action research etc), research design (longitudinal/ cross-sectional; monomethod/ mixed method etc), sampling strategy (probability/ non-probability), types of data collection tools and types of analysis.

· Consider any ethical issues and issues accessing organisations or research participants

· Highlight any challenges/ hurdles (e.g. ethics, access, participant response rate etc)

· Provide a timeline for research that is realistic and feasible. Students are encouraged to revisit all of the weekly lectures, module textbook and Panopto recordings and use this to showcase their understanding and grasp of key research methods tools, techniques and concerns and the key elements of a research proposal.

· Please ensure you include your name and banner ID and that all pages are numbered.

· Students should include citations throughout their work, and have a references section (not included in the word count). References should link to citations, should be in alphabetical order and be Harvard Style as per Bangor Business School regulations

· Students can include a short appendices section for additional information – although this is optional. Appendices are not included in the word count

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