AMHS600 Health And Safety Leadership Management

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AMHS600 Health and safety leadership management



Give an in-depth and logical judgment of something. Support your judgment with reliable evidence and/or authoritative views. Examine in detail. Explore alternatives, challenging and questioning. Discuss strengths and weaknesses (for and against).DemonstrateUse clear thinking to either:•Prove by using statistics and reliable evidence etc., or•Explain to show you understand, by using examples and/or experience.DescribeWrite in detail the main points or characteristics in a logical sequence without interpreting the information. DefineGive the exact meaning of a word or phrase. Be clear and concise.Check with your tutor whether you need to show how the things being Defined differ from other ideas or things. DiscussExamine carefully and completely. Give reasons for and against, or examine a range of views. Come to a conclusion.ExplainGive reasons; describe how something happens

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