Administrative Services

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Administrative Services

LO1     Understand how the different  administrative
Services operate    1.1    Evaluate at least three services and the users of these services
        1.2    Explain the importance of these services and their effect on the business
        1.3    Analyse the decision makers in an organisation and the lines of communication
        1.4    Examine the relevant legal and regulatory requirement
    Be able to review ways for developing specifications for administrative services    2.1    Demonstrate the importance of effective consultation to identify requirements for administrative services
        2.2    Report on the different sources of advice available when developing specifications
        2.3    Develop and produce a detailed specification and follow guidelines on record keeping
        2.4    Examine the organisation’s policies objectives and constraints and their relevance to developing administrative services
    Understand the skills and knowledge required in the design and implementation of an administrative service       3.1    Discuss the design options and the consultation process involved to meet agreed specifications and the need to meet all legal, regulatory and organizational requirement
        3.2    Assess whether the presentation is in a form and style to help the user to understand the strengths and weaknesses and includes sufficient information
        3.3    Illustrate the methods of recording which are necessary
        3.4    Review the implementation plan and the support put in place
LO4    Be able to investigate the procedures necessary for the monitoring of the chosen administrative service      4.1     Carry out regular checking that the administrative services, systems and procedures are being used correctly taking appropriate corrective action if necessary

        4.2    Encourage the users of the service to comment on the effectiveness of the service and the systems and procedures

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