7AAD0064-Manufacturing Strategy

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7AAD0064-Manufacturing Strategy

Assignment Brief:

Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation are long term tools for strategic improvements.

Globalisation and Internationalization of businesses means that the R&D resource decisions are of strategic importance. There is a great amount of risk involved in this as deciding on the R&D strategy will involve financial costs projecting into the future.

Use suitable papers and case study examples from the online resources that demonstrate the experiences of strategic implementation and gaining competitive advantage by using R&D to gain the competitive edge in a manufacturing sector.

Write a report including references by contrasting strategies that involve the research and development activity from an SME business and a global corporation point of view.

1.Describe the range of methods, tools and techniques used gaining competitive advantage using research and development

2.Contrast the predicted claimed benefits and identify drawbacks based on an SME versus a global corporation (using your research to support this)

3.Provide a final summary of the research material (examples) and the comparisons made.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (Take these from the module DMD):

1.critically apply the theoretical knowledge and tools required to develop a manufacturing strategy;

2.derive appropriate manufacturing strategies to suit different companies and product scenarios;

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