7324MED Health Finance And Project Management

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7324MED Health Finance And Project Management

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7324MED Health Finance And Project Management

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Course Code: 7324MED
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia

Discuss about the Project Management for Planning Tools and Techniques.

The paper is mainly focusing the organization Mount Pleasant Hospital that has been facing trouble due to falls related problems in the case of patients (Ika, 2009). After having analysis it has been found that most of the patients injured due to injury belong to the group of old people.  Appropriate solution for reducing the problem must have to be evaluated through this overall process. Respective health care organization has already got some serious allegation from the health care community regarding the safety and security of the patients. Organizational data has clearly shown some facts that indicate management of the organization was unable to find out the suitable pathway to reduce the fall related problems from the organizational context.
Every project is proposed or raised for solving any kind of issues or problem. The Mount Pleasant Hotel has been facing trouble due to fall rate from a long period of time and the organization also faced some financial penalties. Due to this particular reason management of the healthcare unit has consulted with a project who could find out some fruitful solution for the organization. According to the views of management they are highly getting trouble for this issue and they need an urgent action on this matter. This could be said the prime reason behind the project initiation (Fortune et. al., 2011).
Project mission statement
Before making any kind of project a specific mission or vision related to the project must have to be presented. This project is initiated by Mount Pleasant Hospital for solving all fall related issues. The mission statement of this project has been mentioned below;
Prime goal of this organization or project is to evaluate a suitable plan by which any kind of fall related problem could be minimized. The process is mainly targeted to implement on the old people visit the hospital for treatment.
Prime vision of this health care organization is to eradicate fall related problems from the organizational premises. Through this process they want to sort out all kinds of shortcomings from the organizational process (Meredith Belbin, 2011).
These are the mission and vision statement of the respective organization.
Project goal, objective and strategies
Prime goal of the hospital is to evaluate and reduce the fall related problems in the hospital premises. The organization has the target to minimize this type of injury rate in the hospital premises.

Objective of the project
Specific: The goal of this project is to solve the fall related problems among the patients in the hospital.
Measurable: To observe the overall current health care condition and injury related data in this hospital.
Attainable: To reduce all kinds of obstacles from the health care premises.
Relevant: To increase the brand value of the hospital by evaluating this type of goal and issue.
Time-bound: proper time scheduling would have to be made for executing this type of project.
Project Strategies

Appropriate strategies must have to be needed for evaluating this type of project process. The project is mainly planned to overcome from all sorts of shortcomings. By the help of this project process all kinds of problems could be overcome (Muller, 2011). Project manager of the respective operation needs to use following steps and approaches;

A fruitful plan needs to be there which will incorporate the staffing related issues.
Special healthcare training must have to be needed for the staffs of the organization.
Some important technological tools like walker would be needed to sort out those problems.
Invest some possible amount of money for this type of operation.

These strategies must have to be implemented for the operation.
Deliverables are those milestones which must have to be followed and maintained in the project process. Project manager of an organization must have to focus on these issues so that a smooth flow in the organizational process could be maintained (Kerzner, 2013). Some of the important deliverables raised in this case has been mentioned in the following manner;

Prepare a health and safety guideline for the respective organization.
Hire technical support in the organization for maintaining safety and monitoring process.
Training and development of the care workers.
Implement a fruitful financial plan for this overall process.
Invent new procedures in the organizational premises.

These are the deliverables which must have to be followed by the management of the organization (Rosenau & Githens, 2011).
Work breakdown structure



Expected  outcome

Carry out inspection the premises to identify any fall hazards

Hazards like loose electrical wire and loose items like trolleys in the patient areas that are not secured (Gido & Clements, 2014).

Identification of the hazards will lead to neutralizing the risk posed by them in the project.

identify any access related problem in all patient eras of the hospital  with proper supportive equipment like the walkers and canes

The loose ends of rugs, steep stairs, and lack of handrail in risky places or doors and floors only reachable by stairs that cannot be reached by a person using wheel chair or walker are the issues that need to be identified (Heagney, 2016).

The risk of the falls will be less if the proper access to the places are keep under supervision and safety measures installed.

Maintenance of individual equipment

The maintenance of the supportive equipment like bath chairs, toilet seat handles, walkers etcetera to be maintained professionally to ensure that the equipment does not contribute to the falls. The shoes that might cause the fall or smooth floor need to be replaced for the same reason (Heagney, 2016).

The incidents due to mechanical device failures will be minimized and the patients will be provided help based on their physical condition.

Mandatory eye exam and hearing exam foe all elderly patients

This will reduce risk of fall from lack of sight and hearing.

Patients will not be helped is the specific weaknesses are monitored.

Training of the staff

The staff need to be trained to handle all possible issues

Staffs will be more attentive and incidence of patients being unsupervised will decrease.

Allocation of monitoring equipment

The use of the fall sensors and CCTV cameras can be used while the riskier places like bathroom needs to be near the nurses’ station so that help is available if a person ventures to the bathroom.

The incidence of fall will lessen as the almost falls or balance will be recorded by devices and precaution or chances of fall can be determined. And the availability of help and supervision can lead to assistance of the patients (Fuller et. al., 2010)

Implement safe exercise programs

This will strengthen the legs of the patient which will reduce the chances of fall (Gido & Clements, 2014).

Stronger legs will support the person better and chance of misstep and balance problems will be addressed simultaneously.


Duration (days)

Carry out inspection the premises to identify any fall hazards


identify any access related problem in all patient eras of the hospital  with proper supportive equipment like the walkers and canes


Maintenance of individual equipment


Mandatory eye exam and hearing exam foe all elderly patients


Training of the staff


Allocation of monitoring equipment


Implement safe exercise programs




Risk assessment
The risk assessment of the hospital would be quite important as the falls risks increasing occupancy of the hospital and increasing patient load and needs additional resources. The chance of external environment resulting into a fall and the medication side effects of muscle weakness are the different causes of the falls in the elderly as they are the preventable causes of fall. Medical issues like vertigo and health problems are other causes of fall. The risk assessment of the causes of fall can be based on their severity or effect and frequency and is represented in the risk matrix (Larson & Gray, 2011).









Improper equipment

Personal vision and hearing issues

External factors

Serious injury

Maintenance issues

Staff inattention and lack of training

Lack of monitoring

Minor injury

Lack of supportive facilities like handrails and elevators

Medication related side effects

Inattention to falls  history

Project resources required
The project requirements for this project are not just financial but there needs to be skills professionals employed to identify and carry out the needed modification of the system ands and processes (Meredith & Mantel, 2011).
Financial resources: the financial resources required for the project are not limited as the needs will not be clear until the assessment stage is completed and there will need to be profession contract given to a specialist firm to ensure the hospital is made fall proof. So the equipment that will need to provide for mobility aid and monitoring should also be included in the expense.
Personnel needs: professional contractor to assess the needs and carry out the modifications. Specialist to install the surveillance equipment will be required and staff will need to be present to monitor the actions (Leach, 2014).
Project Sponsor
For executing any kind of project process appropriate structure would be highly needed. By the help of this process project manager of an organization could be able to run all sorts of activities in an efficient and effective manner (Kwak & Anbari, 2009). The paper is focusing on the Mount Pleasant Hospital and its safety issue regarding injury of patients. Many patients had to suffer due to fall issue. For this reason management of the organization has decided to implement a safety technique by which overall functionalities of the process could be improved. Some of the project sponsors have been mentioned below;

Governing Bodies: Governing bodies of the organization have the duty to raise funds for the process. They are said to be the main stakeholder in this kind of non-profit sector. Governing body of the organization must have to prepare suitable plan for evaluating ideas and procedures.
Investors: Investors are those people those invest money for getting better return. By the help of this process overall problems and shortcomings might be obsolete. Investors need to be promoted this safety related service in such way that this purpose could be accomplished.
Suppliers: Different smart elements like walker or rusty carpets would be used for delivering safe service to the patients. Management of the organization must have the duty to purchase this type of service from ethical and efficient suppliers.
Care workers: care workers of the health care business must have to adjust with challenging situation. Through this process they could be able to provide appropriate service to the patients.

In this type of case study, these two could be played the important role as project sponsors. By their strong support a fruitful outcome could be obtained (Schwalbe, 2015).

Sector of investment

Cost of the process in GBP



Carry out inspection the premises to identify any fall hazards


identify any access related problem in all patient eras of the hospital  with proper supportive equipment like the walkers and canes


Maintenance of individual equipment


Mandatory eye exam and hearing exam foe all elderly patients


Training of the staff


Allocation of monitoring equipment


Implement safe exercise programs




Through the above mentioned table overall budget for implementing this process could be understood (Burke, 2013).
Communication and reporting
Appropriate communication plan need to be implemented for this process. Communication could be done through both verbal and non-verbal way. Care workers must verbally negotiate with the patients regarding their daily problems, besides they also have to report to the senior doctors of the hospital regarding the current condition of the patients in the case of healthcare context. On the other hand nonverbal communication could be made between the suppliers or investors. In this case terms and account details related issues could be discussed in a justified and simple manner. By the help of this way it could be expected that process can get success (Turner, 2014).
Burke, R. (2013). Project management: planning and control techniques. New Jersey, USA.
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