7115IBA Managing Complex Project

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7115IBA managing complex project

COMPONENT 1:  Development of PfL


Step 1: Student needs to define one ‘case’ to develop your PfL. There are three alternatives. Students can either select one of the ‘Case Studies’ provided below (Alternatives 1 and 2) or, use your own experience and write a ‘case’ related to complex projects (Alternative 3).

Students with little or no work experience must select alternatives 1 or 2.

Students with work experience must select alternative 3.


Alternative 1:

· The Denver International Airport case (A copy of this case is available in the Assessment tab in Learning@Griffith).

Alternative 2:

· The Australian Government response to Corona Virus (*)


Alternative 3: You must use your own work experience to develop a brief account of a project with which you are familiar. You must select a particular experience in which you were either directly or indirectly involved. This case has to be suitable for analysis using some of the theories/concepts presented in this course. What is important is that the student has at least some ‘insider’ information to be able to analyze PfL. Names of people and companies must remain anonymous.  



Step 2: You need to summarize your selected ‘case’ (Alternatives 1,2 or 3). Students need to summarize their case in a 4-page summary (maximum). Please attach this summary as an appendix of A1. Appendix is not included in the word count. I suggest focusing on the following aspects:


Ø Describe the main characteristics of the project in terms of people, technology, resources and institutions involved.

Ø What people expected from the project in terms of cost, time and performance?

Ø What were the real outcomes?

Ø Was there too much difference between the expected and real outcomes?

Ø Who initiated the project, and why?

Ø Who were the main stakeholders of the project?


COMPONENT 2:  Review of Concepts & Theories


Step 3:

(i) Select one or two (max.) of the 3 models presented in Theme 1 (see below) (8-features model, Cynefin or Diamond model);

(ii) Explain/justify, using academic references and your PfL, why/how the selected model(s) will help you to analyse your PfL. Note, you do not need to apply the selected model in A1.


Step 4: You need to select one theory/concept from themes 2-4 below that you think will help you to explain your PfL (Theme 1 will be used in A2). Then, you need to develop a brief review of the literature. Here you need to

(i) Explain and justify why the selected theories might help to understand your PfL;

Outline the main arguments, challenges, tensions as well as the strengths and weaknesses of theories/concepts selected. Remember, this section is not a simple summary of some literatures. You need to use academic references to develop this step

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